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Rethinking Social Market Economy

Under the direction of the Alliance for the Social Market Economy and the Centrum for Economic Education of the University of Siegen the brochure “Rethinking Social Market Economy” was created in cooperation with the Jenaer Alliance.

21 thought leaders of the Social Market Economy offered ideas for a new debate.

  Brochure Rethinking Social Market Economy as PDF download

Alfred-Müller-Armack, the inventor of the term “Social Market Economy”, has already pointed out that the Social Market Economy is a “progressive idea awaiting shaping”. This applies to today more than ever. The Social Market Economy should be scrutinized critically not only regarding its “shapings” but also as an economic and sociopolitical model for Germany and Europe.

Furthermore, the Social Market Economy has to be explained and conveyed as a real “shaping” and a normative “idea” with increasing urgency: Therefore, politics, media, education and research institutions, entrepreneurs and think tanks are in demand.

We and our guests from these areas have widely discussed the challenges we have to face. In this brochure central propositions are presented and should encourage further rethinking and contemplation.

Extract from the preface of
Professor Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth, Spokesman of the Jenaer Alliance

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