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MACRO – Business Game für Macroeconomic Simulation

Are you interested in learning more about
our MACRO business game? Then visit our new website, you will find details, background information and the general conditions there.


Brochure – What is
Social Market Economy?

In this brochure we highlight ten basic ideas which characterise the Social Market Economy. Make yourself familiar with the ideas behind the Social Market Economy. We hope that this brochure will encourage
the discussion about this important liberal economic and socio-political model.

  Brochure Download PDF


Discussion about Resetting Capitalism

Within the three-year project "Finance
and the Common Good", Socires and the Sustainable Finance Lab (SFL) are investigating possibilities for shaping the financial sector. Nils Goldschmidt and other experts discuss the reshaping of capitalism and the interaction between states and markets.

  Lecture by Nils Goldschmidt
  Video of the entire conference

Alliance for the Social Market Economy

Our activities include: Scientific seminars and projects, public lectures and economic advice. A major focus is on economic education.

In order to guarantee a high public acceptance of the Social Market Economy, competent communication is essential.


Many impetus and various perspectives are required to implement the concept of the Social Market Economy vividly in a dynamic and connected world.

Therefore, we initiate cooperations between scientists, organize discussion groups, look for dialogues with decision-makers, enable intensive exchanges within working groups and discuss the Social Market Economy with students.

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