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The ASM has awarded the Alexander-Rüstow-Plakette to personalities since 1964 in honor of their private and professional engagement on behalf of  the reinforcement and advancement of the Social Market Economy.


Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs

In recognition of his efforts to advance a free and humane economic order dedicated to the well-being of all

Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel

Achievements for a cosmopolitan and humane market economy – Commitment for constructive communication in Europe


Cardinal Dr. Reinhard Marx

Promotion of a humane market economy and dedication to the constructive communication between society and church

Professor Dr. Paul Kirchhof

Attorney of the Social Market Economy – Active contribution to and protections of the constitutional state


Professor Dr. Horst Köhler

Humane market economist – Emphasis on the independent individual in the market economy system

Professor Dr. Berthold Leibinger

Business embodiment of the Social Market Economy – Unification of business concept and social commitment
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Professor Dr. Bernhard Vogel

Politics as practised charity - agreement on basic Christian, liberal and social values

Professor Dr. Hans Willgerodt

Demand of freedom and independence of individuals, the economy and universities

Professor Dr. Kurt Biedenkopf

Dedication to decentralized structures, constitutionality and competitiveness


Dr. Erich Lange

Exemplary entrepreneur in the sense of the Social Market Economy – Unification of social matters and entrepreneurship

Dr. Dieter Spiess

Pioneer of ecologically responsible entrepreneurship and unification of entrepreneurial and social concerns

Dr. Michael Otto

Development and application of modern entrepreneurial methods of leadership


Professor Dr. h.c. Wolfgang Kartte

Enforcement and consolidation of the principles of competition within the Social Market Economy

Professor Dr. Helmut Schlesinger

Preservation of the monetary stability and advocate for the credibility of monetary policy and for the openness of markets


Dr. Hans D. Barbier

“King’s Counsel of regulatory policies” – Publicist activities for a liberal order

Dr. h.c. Tyll Necker

Creative entrepreneurial activity and advocate for competition and deregulation

Professor Dr. Otto Schlecht

Achievements for the conception and application of the Social Market Economy

Karl Darscheid

Advocate of entrepreneurial autonomy and promoter of setting up businesses


Dr. Otto Graf Lambsdorff

Demand for “a return to market economy principles and maxims”

Dr. h.c. mult. Hans-Dietrich Genscher

Precursor of détente policy between East and West as well as for German reunification


Professor Dr.
Elisabeth Noelle-Neumann

Pioneer of public opinion research and advocate of pluralism of opinions

Wolfgang Frickhöffer

“Sedulous admonisher for the Social Market Economy” – Commitment to the preservation and advancement of the liberal order

Professor Dr. Alfred Müller-Armack

Co-founder of the Social Market Economy and originator of the term


Dr. Thorwald Risler

Energetic idealist – Promoter and pioneer of the German research and education system

Paul Schnitker

Contributor to the European middle class policy and commitment to the education and training within craft

Dr. Gerd Bucerius

Journalistic work for a liberal order and free press

Dr. Hans Friderichs

Entrepreneur and political representative of market economy principles


Professor. Dr. Karl Schiller

“Guardian of the Market Economy” – Political shaper of economic policy

Professor Dr. Eberhard Günther

Defender of the principle of competition and inspirer of the German competition law


Dr. Albrecht Düren

Voice of the entrepreneurs within the Social Market Economy

Professor Dr. Franz Böhm

Co-founder of the Freiburg School and admonisher for the guarantee of economic competition


Professor Dr. Ernst Schneider

Entrepreneur and major driving force of economic reconstruction

Dr. h.c. Karl Blessing

Advocate of price stability and of the credibility of the German Central Bank

Dr. Hans Otto Wesemann

Journalistic companion and commentator of the Social Market Economy


Professor Dr. Ludwig Erhard

Pioneer of the Social Market Economy in politics

Wilhelm Blum

Honoring the reinforcement and advancement of the Social Market Economy


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